Alexis Allen


My name is Alexis Allen. I'm a digital product manager, gardener, cool aunt, early web publisher, cat lover, mossback, and overall enthusiast. This is my studio. It is covered in splotches and there are holes in the walls. It is full of stories you won't know how to read. That's okay.



  • digital product management
  • agile product ownership and stakeholder management using Rally/JIRA, waterfall requirements documentation and tracing with Caliber
  • roadmap planning, project management, executive presentations, business case development
  • integrations: Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Google Search Appliance (GSA), MotionPoint, BazaarVoice, Dynamic Tag Manager
  • UX/UI: Photoshop, usability/information architecture, Visio
  • technologies: Velocity, PHP, HTML/CSS, SQL
  • analytics: Adobe Analytics, ClickTale, Tealeaf, net promoter score (NPS), feedback analysis
  • team development (mentoring, management, motivation)

I define and manage enterprise web and mobile applications that leverage legacy system data to give customers control of their services. I work for a Fortune 200 company, and am responsible for the digital experience of millions of people each month.

I'm a product owner, and I coach product owners. I can write a business case, a roadmap, strategic deck. I use Adobe Analytics exhaustively to monitor performance and as a basis for expected outcomes. I can engage and manage the expectations of stakeholders, partner with and collaborate with engineers and developers, and can usually be found participating in test. I'm on the release call, I'm on the sunset, I'm sending out the communication. I'm a product owner.

My work philosophy is less about successes and failures, of which I have many. Of course we ship product; that's not the hard part. What gets interesting is when you applying iterative development practices to yourself. Making sure you're as nimble as you need to be, and you hear people even when it's noisy, and you don't get trapped by what's worked for you in the past... The rest comes easier if you master that.

The one thing that never changes is how fun it is. I think some people are just born to do a kind of work. This is mine.

Want to know more? I'm always open to opportunities.

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