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Lay of the Land

January 26, 2019

My land is both wonderful and terrible. It's on a slope, back to front. It's on a watershed, so I have sections that are marshy. It has areas that are covered in shade. I have birch trees out front, two pine monsters on the side and back, and access to maple leaves from a park adjacent to my back yard and a sapling I am letting grow. I also have inherited three apple trees, and a European plum tree.

The drainage situation is the most pressing. Someone put significant effort into french draining most of the land, and that's why this is even plausible. Most people planning out their planting strategies are thinking about irrigation. I am not. I am thinking about drainage. That said, the area that currently collects some of the outpour is an opportunity for a water garden. As with everything, it's an asset.

I have a variety of birds, mostly woodland, though also hummingbirds and woodpeckers. I have 3-5 grey squirrels and two neighborhood cats who think my yard is worth patrolling (to my cat's mild chagrin). I got me some weevils. I may have moles, but I'm not entirely sure. I really hope they're not voles... but they could be. I'd expect more thievery from voles, though. I have wild bees.

I moved into the house at the end of August 2018, so my efforts have been focused on tearing up the landscaping of my predecessors, who had essentially covered any land not covered by grass with cloth and wood mulch... including garden beds. I expect that work to continue well into 2019.